A passionate web-Solution Company

Helpinghands as a startup company brings out a New Automated System For our Educational System as well as Web-Systems for ease of work.

Helping-Hands ERP System is an easy to use, Web Based attendence module with tracking app for your productivity and/or payroll.

This Web based app provides one click attendence in our database which will be easy to calculate and store in your database.

Advanced ERP Attendence System includes attenence with biometrucs or throug QR Code .

Our service

Helping-Hands Provides Web-Based ERP SYSTEMS for the ease of our Clients at Cheap Costs .Also We Provide other Services like Ecommerce Websites , ERPs, Authentication Modules etc.

HelpingHands Book Store

Our Book Store helps students from class VI-XII to buy NCERT All Books from helpingHands.

Hosting Service

We Provide Hosting services with our own domain at lowest cost.

Attendece ERP

Fully-Automated Attendece System ,helps to take attendence in short span.

Ecommerce Solution

We build Fully Responsive Ecommerce Portals.

Get In Touch

Contact us to kow more about our Services and Web-based ERP Systems Applications.

Contact Address

New Delhi, INDIA.


Email: helpinghandsforstudent@gmail.com
Phone: +91-9999466258(Vishal Gupta),8076837497(Vinay Kr. Prajapati),8802204049(Kushal Kr. Singh)

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